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Leuco or Shveta = White
Orrhoea or Pradar = Discharge

Normally the vagina is kept moist by a fluid exuded from the vagina. It is slightly white in colour and is acidic in nature composed of tissue fluid, cell debris, carbohydrate, lactoblacilli, lactic acid.
 Normal vaginal discharge is odorless and a clear or pale milky color which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy vagina by flushing out bacteria and other tiny organisms to prevent infection. There are cetain microorganisms in the secretion. These micro organisms produce lactic acid which destroys disease producing microoranisms. That is why the vagina is very resistant to infection. Under some diseased conditions, this normal secretion is increased. Then the disease is called Leucorrhoea.

This secretion increased physiologically at puberty, during pregnancy, during premenstrual congestion, during ovulation and also at the time of sexual excitement.

Pathologically, it is caused due to many reasons:
Among Pathological Leucorrhoea 90% of cases are relatively mild and is due to one of three main infective agents like Candida albicans, Gardnerella vaginalis, Trichomonas vaginalis. Chlamydia trachomatis is a major cause of vaginal diseases. Worm affection(thread worm etc..) sometimes crawl into the genital organs and irritate them producing increased secretion.

 The remaining 10% are more serious. They may found associated with mucous polypus of the cervix, or carcinoma of the reproductive tract with debility and anaemia, and also with cervical erosion. They may cause painful sores, tumour-like lesions, spread into the pelvis or causes generalized infections.

Clinical features

The patient feels weak and tired with emaciation of the body.
Back ache, Pain in calves musles etc…
Itching of vulva due to candida or trichomonas
Complains of excessive amount of staining on clothing
Offensive smell
Painful Coition…etc…


Treatment should be done according to the clinical features of the patient. Treating the cause only helps in the proper cure of the condition. Too much vaginal douching is bad as it destroys natural protective bacilli.
In Ayurveda it is mentioned about Shveta pradara and Soma roga. Prime importance is given to understand the doshic Vitiation.
If the leucorrhoea is due to Vata Dosha, Its nature shall be watery or milk like, transparent , excess quantity, flowing down through the thighs.
If the leucorrhoea is due to Pitta Dosha, its nature will be excoriating, with burning sensation and with slight yellowish colour.

If it is due to kapha dosha, the secretion shall be like solid, white colour, curd like, with severe itching.

If it is due to Sannipatik that is due to the vitiation of all the vata, pitta and kapha dosha, it may associate with itching, burning, excoriating, yellowish or brownish or greenish in color.

The treatment is based on symptom totality in Homoeopathy.
So the proper cure of Leucorrhoea, one should have to consult an eminent doctor who should give utmost care in understanding the cause, the doshic vitiation,  etc…. 
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